February 19 - 23, 2024
Orlando, Florida, USA
        Co-organized by NASA & ESA / Powered by NCDMM

2024 Worldwide Additive Manufacturing Symposium
(formerly ICAM)

About WAMS

The Worldwide Advance Manufacturing Symposium (WAMS) is designed to promote and facilitate discussions and technical exchanges among leaders in various engineering disciplines concerned with Space, Air and Land transportation.

Recently, larger production volumes are benefitting from Industry 4.0 technologies. Manufacturing digitalization and automation, ‘smart factory’, additive and advanced manufacturing, cyber security, virtual testing and big data-driven process and quality control are progressively entering the manufacturing supply chain for high end technology domains.

Bringing together the space, aeronautics and land transportation engineering manufacturing community, will maximize the cross-fertilisation opportunities, promoting an inter-sectorial technical and commercial exchange worldwide. Moreover, certification and standardization authorities in the relevant sectors will also be represented.

2024 Agenda Topics

The Conference themes will cover a wide variety of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and materials covering topics such as design, development, assembly, integration and verification.

This year's themes will included:

Additive Manufacturing
Joining Technologies
Composite Manufacturing
In-situ Resource Utilization        (ISRU)
Digital Manufacturing
Smart Materials
Emerging Materials &        Processes
Surface Manufacturing
Electronic Materials &        Processes

The aim of the conference is to promote and facilitate discussion and exchange of experience among members of the various engineering disciplines concerned with air, space and land transportation.

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WAMSymposium embraces a world-wide collaboration of knowledge and experience.

ICAM 2022 was represented by 40 Countries